The Top 10 Reasons Why Texas Really Is The Best State.

As a born and bred Texan, I like to think that every day is the perfect day to celebrate The Lone Star State (and I think most Texans would agree), but one day stands clearly above the rest – March 2nd. Texas Independence Day, a day filled with food, fun, and a whole lotta’ Texas […]

Four Years In The Making.

I’ve waited four years for the return of the Olympics, and I’m beyond excited that it is finally here!  Watching the Olympics is something that I’ve enjoyed doing with both family and friends since I was a little girl, and this year will be no different.  Who wouldn’t love three long weeks of great shows […]

A Holiday Rooted In Tradition.

The holiday season is such an amazing time of year.  I love the tradition that surrounds November and December and have a special love for holidays that celebrate tradition.  This is why Thanksgiving holds such a special place in my heart.  Once Halloween comes and goes, I begin counting down the days until Thanksgiving Thursday […]