I’ve moved!

I’m sure you all saw my post on Saturday, detailing the news about my blog redesign and move to a new URL. It’s all very exciting – what’s not exciting is that my growing list of wonderful email subscribers and WordPress followers does not get to automatically make the move with me.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE having each and every one of you as readers on my blog, and I hope that you equally enjoy the things I have to say every week and will choose to join me on my new site: One Fine Day. It’s the same ol’ site you know and love, with an awesome new name, and an even more awesome new look.

You can still get my blog posts through email on my One Fine Day blog – all you have to do is put your email address in the designated box on the right side of my page, and you’ll receive an email every time I post something new (just like before).

No pressure whatsoever, I just want to make sure that you still have easy access if you want it…the choice is yours 🙂


Tell me your thoughts

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