Austin’s Street Art Culture.

While I can’t claim any modicum of art knowledge, one of my favorite things about Austin is the city’s ability to embrace an art culture, even in its most pedestrian form – graffiti. All around town, you can find beautifully painted (or sprayed) murals, pictures, and figures – some legally commissioned, some done in the dead of night, all done well. Sure, Austin has its fair share of traditional graffiti tagging (ie stupid words or gang symbols), but we also have something so much better – and it’s made it possible to find beauty even in the midst of a concrete jungle.

Even those who aren’t Austinites are usually aware of the “Welcome to Austin” sign painted onto the side of Roadhouse Relics…

Welcome to Austin wall art

…Or the “I Love You So Much” that’s haphazardly sprayed onto the side of Joe’s Coffee on South Congress.

I love you sign Austin

But those signs, although well known, are only scratching the surface on what you can find painted and sprayed around town. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve been driving around only to find a graffiti mural announcing what neighborhood I’ve entered, or illustrating the name of a local coffee shop.

Travis Heights neighborhood Austin

If you’re not paying attention while driving down Riverside, you might miss this neighborhood sign, but I love it!

Vintage Heart coffee Austin

I found this on a back wall of one of my favorite local coffee shops, Vintage Heart.

One of my recent discoveries is Austin’s Graffiti Park. Located off N. Lamar, Graffiti Park is basically a grassy area full of empty concrete walls, turned into an artist paradise. What once was a bare, abandoned space has transformed into this awesome graffiti park full of intricate detail and eye-catching artwork. It grew little by little, but is now covered in graffiti from all different kinds of “artists.” I say “artists” because while some of the work is amazing, some comes from regular people who want to leave their own mark…like me and my friends – even so, it’s all fun to look at.  It’s especially cool to go back every couple of months and see what new art you may find there. A couple of my friends and I recently went to check out the artwork at Graffiti Park…we may have even added something of our own! Take a look at some of the shots we took:

Austin graffiti park

A group photo after we all left our mark on the wall…

Austin graffiti park

It started raining during our visit.

Austin graffiti park

A view of one side of the park.

Austin graffiti park

The obligatory wall pose

What other graffiti art have you found around Austin that’s worth sharing? I’m sure there’s a ton that I don’t even know about!


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