Falling In Love With Fall Fashion.

While the start of college football season typically marks the beginning of fall for me (despite temperatures still threatening to surpass 100 degrees), fall doesn’t officially come around until the Autumn Equinox…which was yesterday.  That means that fall has finally arrived people, and it makes me so, so happy.  Now I know that Texas doesn’t have a stereotypical fall with changing leaves and drastically cooler temperatures, but we do get a pseudo-fall where the weather ventures into the low 60s. You better believe that the minute my thermostat drops below 75 (and it got dangerously close this weekend), I’m preparing the adorable fall outfits that I’ll be lucky if I can wear for more than three weeks.
And because I know that all the rest of you Austinites (and if we’re being honest, probably 85% of the rest of the female population) are also scoping out new pieces for your fall wardrobe, I thought now was the perfect opportunity to share some of my fall wishlist items. Check out my board below, and let me know what items you’re coveting for the coming season.
Fall Fashion Finds
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