A Margarita-Filled Pledge Class Reunion.

It was nearly six years ago since I came to Austin as a bright-eyed college freshman, excited about my new journey that lay ahead, but completely clueless as to how an 18-year-old girl from Sugar Land, Texas was going to find her way in the giant urban jungle that was Austin. As a way to help make the 55,000-person University of Texas campus smaller, I decided to rush a sorority – something that I knew nothing about (and had no one to tell me about), but something that absolutely changed my life (both college and beyond) for the better.

Joining my sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, was one of the smartest decisions that I made going into college. Sure, the path to get into the sorority was rough, but it was totally worth it in the end. During those four years in AEPhi, I made some of the best friends I will ever have (many of whom I still keep up with regularly today). The sorority experiences I had during those four years were great – from living in the sorority house to formals and casuals and even rush, I loved them all, but nothing compared to our Senior Margarita Run. The last event that a Phi pledge class does together before graduating, Margarita Run is an experience unlike any other. The sorority rents a bus for the graduating class, and we are taxied from mexican restaurant to mexican restaurant to gulp down margaritas while bonding one last time before we all head our separate post-college ways. It was an amazing (though understandably drunken) experience, and one that our pledge class still talks about two years later.

AEPhi Margarita Run 2011

The original Margarita Run (circa 2011).

As a way to pay a little homage to that experience that we all loved so very much (and as a way to have a little get together/catch-up of sorts), we decided to have a Margarita Run Reunion, or #MargaReRun and #MargaReunion as we so lovingly called it, this weekend. About 20 girls from our pledge class reunited in Austin this weekend for a weekend of fun, catching up, and margarita drinking.

Our weekend started off on Friday with dinner and kareoke at Maiko Sushi downtown, followed by a night on West 6th St.

AEPhi MargaReRun 2013

A little kareoke singing at Maiko Sushi.

AEPhi MargaReRun 2013

Dancing the night away on West 6th St.

After a long night of singing and dancing the night away, we opted for a low key breakfast at Taco Deli the next morning…filled with lots and lots of queso and guac.

Of course, no sorority reunion is complete with a trip to the sorority house where it all began, so we  headed over to our old stomping grounds to check out the current group of girls preparing for the upcoming Recruitment Week. Our sorority house got an awesome new facelift this summer, so it was great to see the finished product.

University of Texas AEPhi house

The new and improved Alpha Epsilon Phi house.

After a quick hello at Phi, we headed over to the Hilton downtown for an afternoon lounging at the pool. A few of the girls decided to stay at the hotel, and it seemed like the perfect way to beat the Austin heat, and enjoy a low-key day before the night’s Margarita Re-Run.

AEPhi MargaReRun 2013

Enjoying the cool water and the beautiful Austin sun.

Saturday night was the reason for our entire reunion weekend – Margarita Run Round 2. We tried to keep everything (including restaurant stops) the same as it was the first time around in an effort to bring us all back to the original Margarita Run (with minor logistical changes). Our bus picked us all up, and drove us to our first stop – Trudy’s – for dinner and round one of drinks, followed by a stop at Matt’s El Rancho for margarita number 2. We then went to Baby A’s for their famous Purple Margaritas, El Arroyo, and finally our last margarita stop at Iron Cactus downtown.

AEPhi MargaReRun 2013

On the bus, headed to Trudy’s for Round 2 of PC’07’s Margarita Run.

AEPhi MargaReRun, Trudy's Austin

Our tummies full of tacos and fried avocados, we’re headed out of Trudy’s…on to stop 2!

After a night full filled with margaritas, the group was certainly looking for something easy for brunch the next day, so we headed to one of my favorite brunch spots – Austin Java Cafe – for one last meal together before all the non-Austinites headed back to their hometowns (even Maverick and Sprout got to join in this meal).

AEPhi MargaReRun 2013, Austin Java Cafe

Goodbye brunch with the girls at Austin Java.

AEPhi MargaReRun 2013

A great weekend, with great girlfriends (and pups).

I’m so glad that we had the brilliance to have a reunion weekend. Even though I try to keep in touch with a lot of the girls (and Facebook certainly helps with that), there is nothing quite like getting to spend quality time with your friends, reliving old memories, and making new ones. I’m exhausted (even as I’m writing this, my eyes are having difficulty staying open) but I don’t regret a single minute of the weekend. It was all so, so worth it, and I look forward to celebrating MargaReRun Round 3, 4, and even 5 down the line. Love my PC’07 girls, almost as much as I love a good margarita! 😉

Until next time…


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