FOUR Years and FOURtunate Feelings.

Today is a very special day for Brandon and I – it was this day four years ago that we started dating.

My first thought is “Holy crap! Four years is such a long time!” And it is – I can think of very few things in my life that have lasted more than four years (certainly no relationship). But once I get over the initial surprise that I’ve managed to do anything for four years, a whole new wave of thoughts and emotions come up. I couldn’t be more happy that I found such a wonderful guy, and someone that is willing to put up with my goofiness for so long (and act just as goofy as I do). Someone that has been there for so many of my happy times, and someone that has stood by my side and been my shoulder to cry on during the low times. Someone that continues to tell me each and every day how beautiful I am, and never makes me feel anything less than a million bucks.

We’ve had so many good times together, and know that this is just the beginning for the two of us. Happy four years Boo! I can’t wait to celebrate four, eight, twelve and sixteen more amazing years with you!



One thought on “FOUR Years and FOURtunate Feelings.

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