‘Merica’s Birthday (and Freedom).

4th of July, flag and fireworks

Happy 4th of July, readers (and happy birthday to you, America)!

For many, 4th of July has become synonymous with beer, BBQ, fireworks, and a day off work. Or if you’re like me, 4th of July basically equates to a day on the lake with friends. But let’s not forget that the reason we are all able to have said celebrations is because of the brave thing that our founding fathers did for us 237 years ago. They fought for the freedom that we all enjoy to this day, and I for one, could not be more grateful.

So, as you light up those grills and slather on that sunscreen, say a little thank you to those dudes, and all the ones that continue to fight today to ensure we get to keep that freedom we all cherish so very much. Or, say it with a song. This one happens to be the only song I will ever associate with 4th of July (Thanks for that, Camp Champions):

Now, if you need me, Brandon and I will be reppin’ our red, white, and blue on the waters of Lake Travis:

July 4 red white and blue

You can’t see it, but my shirt says “This guy loves America”.  Awesome, I know.


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