What I Would Do In Five Days In Queensland.

You know that place that you find yourself constantly daydreaming about? You know what I’m talking about – the place that naturally comes to mind when the reality of whatever situation you’re is not quite where you want to be. For me, that place is Australia. Hard as I try to focus on situations at hand, those crystal clear waters and adorable koala paws regularly seep their way into my mind.

So it’s kind of a no-brainer that I would jump at any opportunity to make those fantasies a reality – like with the contest sponsored by Johnny Jet, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Delta Vacations to send one blogger on a five-day trip to Queensland, Australia. Pretty much a dream come true for those of us who actually do spend all day with Australia on our minds.

People always say (people being my grandpa) that you need at least three weeks to really enjoy a trip to Australia. To him, and all other short-trip naysayers out there, I say psh! – when you pack a travel schedule as full as I do, five days is more than enough time. Here’s a sneak peak of my ideal 5-day Queensland itinerary (Yes, I already planned my trip. No, I haven’t been selected…yet.):

Day 1:

Jet lag? What jet lag? With only five days, there’s no time for tired! It’s straight off the plane to the Lost Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, a koala (and other wildlife) safe-haven and heaven on earth for an animal lover like myself. I challenge you to find a better way to start this trip.

Lost Pine Koala Sanctuary

source: Naturaltraveler.com

Day 2:

I’m something of an adventure-seeker, so when I heard that Brisbane’s Story Bridge was one of only a handful of bridges in the world that offered an adventure climb, I was in. Better yet? The bridge’s Abseil Climb includes repelling – an added bonus if you ask me!

Day 3:

No trip to Australia is complete without a little underwater sightseeing at the Great Barrier Reef, so this is a must-do on my trip. I’ve been diving before, but I imagine nothing compares to the thousands of reefs and exotic species of wildlife that call this world wonder home. After a day spent under the water, the evening will be spent relaxing under the stars on “The Strand” in nearby Townsville.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

source: travelonline.com

Day 4:

In any vacation, a little “downtime” is required. For this trip, that’s a morning walking tour of Cairns, followed by an afternoon reserved for wanderlust – exploring the food, shops, and culture that tropical north Queensland has to offer. With only 5 days, that’s about as restful as I’m willing to get.

Day 5:

I’ll end my trip photographing my way through Daintree, one of Australia’s largest (and most well-known) rainforests. If available, I’d also love to experience a Flames of the Forest dinner, where I can enjoy native food and listen to tales of Queensland under a canopy of trees. The perfect end to my perfect Australian adventure.

Daintree Rainforest

source: AndrewWatson.com.au

Until then, Queensland…

Readers, this post is my submission for a 5-day trip to Queensland. Help show the love by tweeting at @JohnnyJet using the hashtags #5DaysInQueensland and #RMGinQLD. Thanks!


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