Austin’s Best Burgers: Whataburger

I’ll venture to bet that a good portion of people read the title of this blog post, scoffed at my choice of burger joints, and  quickly went to a blog that they deemed to have higher epicurean standards than mine. Those people think that in order for a burger to be good, it needs to come from a fancier establishment, piled high with lots of toppings. The rest of us know better. We know that exotic burgers have their place, but when you’re just looking for a simple burger with all the classic fixins’ there’s no better place than Whataburger.

It might be considered fast food, but Whataburger definitely holds a top spot as one of the best fast food places in Texas. Seriously. Ask any of my friends whose lives have taken them outside this great state, and they will all tell you that there has been many a time where they find themselves craving a good ole’ fashioned burger from the iconic orange and white striped building.

Whataburger Austin

But why do people like Whataburger’s burgers so very much? Maybe it’s the fact that the place is open 24 hours and makes for a great late-night food stop. Maybe it’s because Whataburger brings back childhood memories of eating burgers at picnics, camp, or neighborhood block parties before fancy burgers were the fad. Or maybe it’s that Fancy Ketchup that Whataburger hands out – you know what I’m talking about. I have no idea what makes it fancy, but that stuff is pure gold (If only you out-of-staters could have seen the commotion and excitement that followed Whataburger’s announcement that the Fancy Ketchup landed a spot on grocery store shelves. Madness. In the best kind of way). The point is – no one really knows how Whataburger became the real king of fast food burgers, but it did…and I would confidently say that it’s not losing that spot any time soon.

I mean, this place has got burger-making down to a science. They have just the right burger to bun to topping ratio that you can actually taste each of the components separately, but still enjoy them together. While I do love lots of toppings and flavored buns, there are times when I find those individual components overpowering other parts of the burger. Burger like that leave me wanting something more. Not with Whataburger – I know exactly what I’m going to get there every time, and I know I’m going to be happy. Plus, being a fast food joint, their prices are pretty low, so you’ll leave with a happy tummy and a happy wallet!

I know this was a bit of a switch from the other places that made my list of Austin’s Best Burgers, but I think you’ll all agree that Whataburger most certainly is delicious (even if you only agree every once in awhile). In the words of Mr. T:

Mr. T Whataburger Meme

If you find yourself wanting more information on delicious burgers in Austin, be sure to look at the three other reviews from early this month: Gordough’s Public House, Your Mom’s Burger Bar, and Hoppydoddy Burger Bar. And don’t forget that you only have a few days left to submit your favorite burger place in Austin. Next Thursday, I’ll be reviewing the place that received the most votes, so get those burger joints in ASAP!


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