An Afternoon Filled With Art – at Art City Austin 2013.

One of the things I love about Austin is the unlimited amount of activities that could fill every minute of every day. And the weather. And the combination of the two? It just can’t be beat, especially during this time of the year when its definitely getting warmer outside, but not so warm yet that you feel like you are physically being baked in a very hot oven.

This weekend, I took advantage of both and attended Art City Austin, a great weekend-long event put on by Art Alliance Austin. According to their website: “Part art festival, part block party, Art City Austin features an outdoor art fair of nationally recognized artists, the People’s Gallery at City Hall with more than 150 works of art by Austin artists, local food trailers, craft beer and cocktails, live music on the main stage and interactive projects for kids of all ages. Downtown’s art festival brings the community together block-party style to celebrate Austin’s vibrant creative culture in one of the most lively and beautiful areas of downtown.”  According to me: Art City Austin is just plain fun and makes a great event for friends, families, and solo attendees (like myself) looking to do something different with their Sunday.

Now if you’re wondering what I know about art, the answer is nothing. But that doesn’t stop me from seriously enjoying it anyway, and admiring the outstanding abilities and talents of others (and feeling a tinge of envy that despite any potential effort, I’ll never have that kind of pure visual creativity). Art City Austin was a great way to check out up-and-coming artists as well as already recognized talent both locally and nationwide. There’s no shortage of variety – the artists featured everything from oil paintings and photography to woodworking and jewelry to mixed media and sculpture. There was something for every taste preference (and for the un-art-educated eye like mine, a lot of somethings). I was seriously impressed with the work from Alain Bathelot, an artist out of Miami who created these beautifully bright oil paintings depicting various scenes of everyday life in Paris. The colors were so bright and vivid that I kept coming back to his work, even after walking around to the other tents. Though I was incredibly tempted to take one of his canvases home with me (I was already picturing where I would hang it on my wall), they were all a little out of my price range – as was the rest of the art at the festival. Even so, I was happy to admire it all, and make lists of which artists’ works would one day be gracing my walls.

Art City Austin was walking distance from my apartment, so I took the opportunity to enjoy the weather and walk to the event. The beating sun got a little warm (even at 12 in the afternoon), but the breeze coming off the lake made it all better. And really, who’s going to complain about beautiful weather in Austin – not me, that’s for sure. I spent the rest of the day wishing that every day in this city was so relaxing, enjoyable and culture filled…and then I remembered that this is Austin, and it can be like that.

So here’s to hoping that from here on out I’ll be able to make every weekend as culture and outdoors-filled as this one was. Until then, I leave you with some pictures.


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