A Hidden Sandwich Treasure.

I like sandwiches (anyone in my office can attest to that fact – I eat them almost everyday for lunch), but I’ve always been very adamant about the fact that sandwiches are for lunchtime only. I think we can all agree that they are really not meant to be a dinner food, though I’ll occasionally make an exception for a really good sandwich. Luke’s Inside Out sandwiches fall into that very elite group of dinnertime exceptions.

You’d think that Luke’s Inside Out would be an Austin institution to make it into the dinnertime sandwich club. Well, would you believe me when I say that Luke’s is actually a small, unobtrusive food trailer sitting on the side of South Lamar? Chances are, all you Austinites have driven by it hundreds of times without even noticing. Let me tell you something… it’s time to take notice. This place is A-MA-ZING! I’ll admit that I was one of those people that never noticed the trailer…until I saw it on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I tried the trailer one evening just to see if it really was as good as Guy said and the rest is history. Now, it’s one of mine and Brandon’s go to dinner spots.

The sandwiches are incredibly unique. We’re talking Szechuan Fried Chicken with Sesame Slaw and Chipolte Rosemary Shrimp with Blue Cheese, Apple and Honey unique. I’ve never tasted sandwiches so flavorful and complex. And man, do they fill you up. One sandwich kept me completely satisfied until breakfast the next morning, which was great because I’ll oftentimes find myself craving a fourth meal around 9 pm. Not the case with Luke’s Inside Out sandwiches. They might not look like much when you get them, but they sure do pack some flavor in those puppies.  Remember that age old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Keep that in mind when going to Luke’s Inside Out.

Luke's Inside Out sandwich

Another thing I absolutely love about Luke’s Inside Out is the owner Luke Bibby. I was shocked to find that each time Brandon and I have gone to the trailer, Luke is in the trenches cooking his sandwiches with his team. And while we were eating, he came over to our table to talk with us and find out what we thought about the sandwiches. Very unusual for an owner to be doing such a thing, but it really stuck with me…almost as much as the sandwiches themselves.

Luke's Inside Out sandwich

Next time you’re sitting in your apartment going back and forth on where to eat, stop debating and make the quick drive to Luke’s Inside Out trailer on South Lamar. It’s delicious. It’s quick. It’s reasonably priced. AND, it’s located right next to Gibson Bar, so you have your after-dinner plans already set. Talk about an easy (and freakin’ delicious) night.


2 thoughts on “A Hidden Sandwich Treasure.

    • Aw, yeah it’s a little far from Leander, but if you know you’ll be downtown one evening (Luke’s doesn’t open until 5), I highly recommend making some time for a sandwich stop!

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