Objects of My Valentine’s Day Affection.

I like any reason to celebrate, which would explain my serious love of holidays. That includes the upcoming Valentine’s Day. I love it. Mostly because I love celebrations, but also because I love love.

Valentine's Day puppy

Uh, hello? How can you not fall in love?! (and no, that’s not a puppy Maverick, as much as I wish it was…)

I know Valentine’s Day gets a bad rep, and many think of it as a corporate holiday created by companies like Hallmark or a day meant to be celebrated only by couples, but to them I say, “You be thinkin’ crazy.” No where in the book of life does it say that the word love is meant only to describe the relationship between couples – though it serves that purpose well. You can love all kinds of people – friends, family, coworkers, even pets (though many refuse to share my belief that pets are basically like people) – and you can use Valentine’s Day to express that platonic kind of love as well. I’m a big fan.

Every year, I like to show that by giving some kind of Valentine’s Day goodie to friends and coworkers. The idea kind of grew from those awesome Valentine’s Day cards that you had to pass out to your classes every year in school. Makes the day full of fun (and lots and lots of chocolate!). Last year, I whipped up these delicious Valentine’s Day pretzel buttons for my officemates and roommate. This year, I was hoping to create something that was equally delicious, but much less of a chocolate coma. I found this awesome post about Valentine’s Day teabags, and I thought it was a genius idea! It was just the perfect amount of thoughtfulness to make someone’s Valentine’s Day special, without breaking the bank or the scale. I purchased all the supplies, and set out to make the cutest gift ever. Three (majorly unsuccessful) hours later, I realized that my DIY gifts were just not going to happen (for some reason, I am incapable of sewing properly). Try as I may, I just wasn’t able to achieve the desired look. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but the idea was so fantastic, I wanted to share it anyway.

I also wanted to share some other ideas that I saw while browsing the web. They all make super cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas, so if you’re still brainstorming for gift that says, “I love you, but in a ‘you’re an awesome friend’ kind of way”, I’ve got you covered:

-This great idea for a DIY ombre necklace from Cupcakes and Cashmere

-A few unique stationary ideas, courtesy of the folks at Brit + Co.

-There’s really no better way to say “You light up my life” than with an actual lightbulb

-And because no Valentine’s Day is complete without a little sugar, a sweet idea for some Valentine’s Day themed sugar cookies

I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to craft up something thoughtful and visually appealing in the short amount of time that I’ve left myself to create this year’s Valentine’s Day, especially considering that my failed first attempt really is pushing me to the wire! But I wouldn’t want to let this Valentine’s Day pass by without letting those that I love know it.

Have you created something great this year for Valentine’s Day, or seen something that really deserves to be shared? Let me know in the comments section.


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