The Lion King in Austin.

Growing up, I was always a fan of musicals and theater. For a brief stint in middle school, I was convinced that I would one day be one of those stars dancing and singing away on stage. I didn’t realize at the time the immense amount of technical ability and actual talent that went into a career in musical theater (neither of which I had). Luckily, I decided to follow a path where my personal abilities were actually useful (I knew those years of writing in a journal would one day pay off!).

Even so, my love of a good show never dissipated. It was a love that my mom and I both shared, so obviously she made the perfect theater partner. We loved going to see shows together, especially the über girly ones (I’m looking at you, Legally Blonde: The Musical). After she died, I haven’t gone to see a single show – I don’t know why, but the thought just made me so sad. But, I’ll admit, I missed it terribly. So when I saw that Broadway Across America was bringing The Lion King to Austin, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to dip my feet back into the metaphoric musical pool. Plus, Brandon had never been to a Broadway show before, so the idea of getting him as excited about musicals as I am really, well, made me excited. I bought us two tickets and we made a date night of out it.

Broadway Across America's The Lion King

I’ve seen The Lion King show once before when I was much younger, but it’s honestly just as good the second time. The costumes and props are absolutely amazing – I just love the way they bring the movie’s characters to life. We sat pretty high up (in what sports fans would call “the nosebleeds”), but I don’t think our high vantage point took away from the experience much because everything in the show is so grand and dramatic that it’s still quite easy to see. And the music is just fantastic – even two days later, I’m still humming the songs in my head. Another plus for all you parents – The Lion King is a great show for little kids who have spent hours and hours watching the movie on repeat (at least, I would assume so). Aside from a few minor additions, the show is pretty much the movie in real life…kind of. If you have the time, I’d definitely recommend taking the family or a friend to see the show. Heck, you can even go by yourself! It’s that entertaining. The Lion King Show is playing at the Bass Concert Hall until Sunday, February 10 (go here if you want to buy tickets).

I’m really glad that Brandon and I went to see the show. I had a lot of fun, and loved seeing The Lion King again. And even though going to a musical with someone other than my mom was sad (I’ll admit, I got a little teary at points), I think it’s important for me to continue a tradition that I loved so much…and who better to do it with than a great guy? Now if only I could get him to see Wicked…



7 thoughts on “The Lion King in Austin.

    • Jonathan, you should absolutely go see it! The show continues through Sunday, and you can get seats for as cheap as $40. I’ll admit, those seats are pretty high up, but it’s totally worth seeing the show. Plus, if lower seats aren’t filled, they let you move down.

      Thanks for commenting! I hope you continue to stop by the blog. What are you studying at UT? I graduated from the Com School in 2011

      • Good to know! And, I’m studying Journalism and Public Relations at UT…so I know a thing or two about the Comm school, too! Perhaps we passed by one another at some point – what a small world!

    • Wicked is one of my favorites as well – I think I’ve seen in more times than I can count on one hand! And I hope you do get to see Lion King again soon. Where do you live? Maybe they have a Broadway Across America season (that’s how I saw Lion King in Austin).

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