Etsy – The Never-Ending Store of Wonderfulness.

I’ve recently fallen in love. With a website. Etsy to be exact. I know, I know – could I be any later to the Etsy party?

Well, late or not, I love Etsy. I had no idea how amazing the creations/products/crafts/what have you actually could be. Logging onto the website is like wandering through a never-ending store, minus all the walking. I found lots of great shops, which I’ll totally share some links to later, but I wanted to talk about one particular Etsy find…

For the past several months, I’ve been in the market for a new laptop bag. The idea of a laptop bag is pretty darn boring – I mean, they are meant to be functional, so typically their design reflects their lackluster, albeit important, purpose. And my laptop bag took the cake when it came to a generic, was literally like every other generic, utilitarian laptop bag – plain, black and boring. And to be  honest…it really bummed me out. This was a bag that I was carrying around with me everyday, and it said nothing of my personality or personal taste. In short, it was time to find something pretty to protect my precious laptop. I felt a little guilty about replacing something that was technically serving its purpose just fine, but as one girl in my office pointed out – life is too short to have an ugly bag. And you know what? She’s right. I don’t recall ever hearing a rule that forbid functional pieces from also being fashionable. So I stopped feeling as guilty, and set out to find my newest work accessory.

I looked in all of the expected places: Target (ehhhh…), Best Buy (nothing), Office Max (absolutely not), but just couldn’t find anything that really spoke to my status as a professional, yet fun, PR gal. After stores and stores of nothing, I decided to try my hand at the Internet, turning to Etsy first. Though I had browsed the site before, I had never gone on with a specific purchase in mind. This time, I had a mission, and it was as if the Etsy gods were just waiting, because I found THE bag almost immediately in the Etsy shop LillieRioux. The only problem was that it was for an iPad, not a MacBook like I had. Discouraged, but not defeated, I sent the Etsy shop owner a note asking if she would be willing to make a bag for my specifications. And you know what (Etsy regulars, I’m sure you already know the answer to this) – she said yes! I was able to basically customize my laptop bag in every way, from strap length to interior fabric to outer materials. The process was so exciting, and the bag turned out absolutely amazing.

LillieRioux Laptop Bag

LillieRioux Custom Laptop Bag

The inside of the bag (picked by me!)

The price of the bag was so reasonable, especially for something custom-made, and the shop’s owner, Anita, was so kind and accommodating throughout the entire process, that I wouldn’t hesitate ordering something from her again in the future. She even wrote me a hand-written thank you note that was included with my bag – that’s just not something you get these days when you make purchases.

I’ve had my new favorite accessory for about a week now, and I’ve been so thrilled that for the last few days I’ve been scouring Etsy like it was my job, just to see what other great shops I can find. Let me tell you – there’s a ton of great stuff out there. Here are just a few of the things I’ve recently been coveting.

These awesome prints by The Rekindled Page. The shop’s owner creates art on recycled dictionary pages. It’s so creative, and the shop has so many different options (and for only $9 a print!). I’m thinking about creating a series of images on my wall.

Etsy The Rekindled Page

The whimsy of recycled sheet art is great for my apartment, but it’s also nice to have some motivational pieces of art that would fit well in my office. The shop emilymcdowelldraws successfully hits that with this inspirational, yet colorful pieces:

Etsy art EmilyMcDowellDraws

If you haven’t sensed a theme, I like art (well really I like finding things to decorate my future home). So it makes perfect sense that majority of the Etsy shops I’ve perused focus on home decor. Like this next one from Richwood Creations. Need I even explain? A chevron cutting board. Sold.

Etsy RichwoodCreations

Everything on Etsy is just so unique and fun, I find myself spending hours on the site simple looking, and favoriting all the things I’m convinced that I will one day buy. It’s a huge time suck, but such a fun one that I hardly mind… I mean, how could I mind when I have Etsy to thank for my lovely new laptop bag?!

Now it’s your turn to share the love, readers. Let me know what some of your favorite Etsy shops are…I can hardly contain my excitement!


3 thoughts on “Etsy – The Never-Ending Store of Wonderfulness.

  1. I love Etsy, and was late to the game, too!! I love the idea of supporting young, small businesses. Plus, I always get a million ideas for my own little craft projects!!

    Great article, Rach!

    • Thanks Juju! I do love what a great inspiration Etsy can be, though I’m even more glad that I can go buy people’s work because I’m always too lazy to actually attempt to recreate the stuff on my own!

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