A Surefire Culinary Win For Super Bowl XLVII.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I guess that means that today is a really important day…if you care about professional football. Which I do not. I’ve tried, really I have, but for some reason NFL is just not the thing for me. Even so, I really enjoy the Super Bowl. I’ve watched it every year since I was in elementary school – not because I am concerned with a winner and loser. I could care less about who walks away with the trophy. I’m in it for the Super Bowl commercials, and the socializing (I guess this explains why I went into PR). From what I’ve heard, there’s going to be some goooooooddddd commercials, so that aspect is covered. Now, we just need to take care of the social part, and what better way to bring people together in a social setting than with food…and booze (don’t worry, the booze part didn’t come into my Super Bowl environment until the post-21 games).

The other day, I was going through my usual round-up of blogs, and I came across this cake in Brit + Co. – A Jack and Coke Cake. Interesting concept, right? I agree. And I thought that it could be a really big hit at tonight’s super bowl party, so I attempted to make it. I’m too forgetful to take pictures during the actual baking process, nor did I want to steal readers from Brit, so if you want a step-by-step photo guide and ingredient list, check out the original recipe post here.

Before we get all the way through this, I need to clarify something – I’d be lying if I said I make a Jack and Coke Cake. I had Maker’s Mark, so I decided to use that instead. I know whiskey connoisseurs would kill me for saying this, but I figured for the purposes of this recipe, there was no difference between the two. At least that’s what I was hoping when I set out to make my Maker’s and Coke Cake.

The process was unbelievably easy! I followed Brit’s recipe exactly, but for one change – her original recipe called for cooking the cake in mason jars. Although it makes the final product look much more appealing, I didn’t think that would work out well for this particular party (especially because it wasn’t at my apartment), so I put the batter in a bread pan. With that adjustment, I cooked the cake at 350° for 45 minutes, as you would with the larger mason jars. It worked just fine!

Whiskey and Coke Cake

I haven’t had the opportunity to try the cakes yet, but I have high hopes. I mean, how bad can a dessert really be when it’s mixed with one of my favorite drink concoctions? Let’s be honest. So at least tonight we can rest assured that even if the game turns out to be a bore and the commercials don’t deliver, the food (and therefore, the socializing) will be a win. Too bad I can’t win a Super Bowl trophy…

What Super Bowl snacks really blew you away this year? Share in the comments section below.


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