One Last Issue of ALM.

The January/February issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine hit the stands today, so as I do every other month, it’s time to write my bi-monthly magazine post. However, this post is a little bittersweet for me – it will be the last month I write for the magazine, at least for awhile anyway. I seriously enjoyed my time with ALM, but it’s time to take a little break, and focus on this little blog of mine (and, you know, my full-time job).

But, if I’m going to end my time with ALM, at least I’m going out the “write” way (haha, get it?) – I had the opportunity to write about three truly awesome companies for this issue.

Let’s start with Beetnik Foods. If you’re looking for healthy, all-natural food, delivered straight to your doorstep, Beetnik is the company for you. The Austin newbie is definitely going to be making waves in the food industry, since the food not only looks and tastes delicious, but it’s actually healthy for you (and their in-house nutritionist can back up that claim). After spending some time talking with CEO Britt Hager, I’ve been confident that the company will find easy success in the Austin market – they have the culture, personality and product to blow everyone away…promise.

Healthy is nice (who doesn’t like to feel good about what they put into their bodies?), but if you’re anything like me, you crave something sweet pretty much everyday. For cases like that, I suggest stopping by The Pink Pig in Fredericksburg. Owned by pastry chef Rebecca Rather, formerly of Rather Sweet Bakery, the shop knows a thing or two about delicious sweets. I’ve yet to have the opportunity to visit, but the folks in Fredericksburg rave about Rather’s culinary creations. If you go, please bring me back some macaroons!

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about tea parties. Yes, you read that correctly – tea parties.  But not just any tea parties…we’re talking a grown up kind of tea party. And not just a grown up kind of tea party, but the awesomest, awesome grown up tea party you’ll ever find. You know how I know this? Because Sophie Parrott, the owner and creator of Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co is awesome. She’s the kind of lady that you’d definitely want to be friends with, and her parties are the kind that you’d want to invite all your other friends too. These tea parties are everything you ever imagined your childhood tea parties would be like, and more! You pick the time, the location and the theme, and Sophie and her crew handle the rest – decorations, music, costumes, food, tea, you name it. I actually can’t wait until I have an occasion to plan a party with Sophie – I know it will be one to remember!

10 months. 14 interviews. 14 stories. Dozens more great memories to take with me…all for one great magazine.

And with that, I give you my final issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine. My stories can be found on page 20 – I hope you like them:

Austin Lifestyle Magazine January February issue


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