Some “Sweet” Refrigerator Magnets.

Raise your hand if you love Sweet Leaf Tea. You can’t see this through the computer, but my hand is raised, and high – I absolutely love the stuff.

I was raised on iced tea. I’m from Texas, plus my dad drinks the stuff like water, so there was always at least a gallon of iced tea brewing in our refrigerator at any given time. As I got older, my tea cravings slowly morphed into the sweet variety. And when I found local Austin company Sweet Leaf Tea, it was like love at first sip. Their tea (and lemonade) is made from all natural ingredients, just like grandma used to make.

But what I love even more than the tea itself is the wonderful packaging that the tea comes in. It’s a little more expensive, but I’ll admit to spending the extra $0.50 or so for some that seems so classically, down-home southern. Although they’ve modernized their packaging to keep up with the tea’s popularity, you can still find it available in the original glass bottles with pop tops. Under each top is a great saying, or “Grannyism”, for you to live by. I love those Grannyisms, given their name because they are all sayings straight from grandma’s mouth. You know, things like “Be Good To Yourself and Others” and “When In Doubt, Consult Your Inner Child”.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to create something with the bottle caps – those sayings were just too good to keep throwing away – but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I never drank enough of the tea to create some kind of artwork or tabletop. Then one day, it hit me – I could create magnets! Each bottle cap is just the perfect size for something like a refrigerator magnet, and the Grannyisms would be great to see every time I dove into the fridge for some food.

Sweet Leaf Tea Magnets

So I set to work making my new refrigerator magnets. First things first, I needed to collect a few caps. I drank a few Sweet Leafs a week until I had a respectable collection (for me, that “respectable bottle cap collection” was 8). Then I went to the craft store and bought some basic round magnets and some super glue, though I think even basic tacky glue would suffice.

Creating the magnets was only a one-step process. Seriously, it was so simple. All I did was dab a bit of glue onto the magnet, then stick it to the back of each bottle cap. I put some pressure on the magnet, holding it tight to the cap for about 15 seconds and that was it. For good measure, I left the glue to dry overnight, but I don’t think that’s completely necessary.

The result was exactly what I was hoping for – cute and inspirational little magnets to hold up all the important things on my fridge (like my office holiday card):

Sweet Leaf Tea Magnets

Have you ever used an everyday item to create something new? Share your stories in the comments below – I’m always looking for new ideas!


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