An Athlete and An Inspiration.

If you live in Austin, and you’re a part of some fitness group in the city, you’ve likely heard the name Gilbert Tuhabonye. Gilbert is something of a staple in the Austin running community. He founded the running group Gilbert’s Gazelles, began the non-profit Gazelle Foundation, and organizes the annual Run For The Water race. […]

One Last Issue of ALM.

The January/February issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine hit the stands today, so as I do every other month, it’s time to write my bi-monthly magazine post. However, this post is a little bittersweet for me – it will be the last month I write for the magazine, at least for awhile anyway. I seriously enjoyed […]

A Street At Its Finest.

I love South Congress. But when I say I love South Congress, I mean I┬áREALLY┬álove South Congress. So. Much. And to be honest, I would have a difficult time truly explaining why, but I always just get such a happy feeling when I’m on the street. There will be days (like today) that I head […]