Christmas Lights At Their Finest.

Judging by the name of this blog, you know that I love a lot of things. But when really going through that list, Christmas lights are one of the things that will make it near the top every time. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you can’t help but be happy when walking or driving through a neighborhood lit up with those white, red, blue and green twinkly lights (extra points if I’ve got a hot chocolate in hand).

Austinites very much appreciate the happiness that Christmas lights can bring, which is why Austin has their annual “Trail of Lights” for one week right around Christmas. Despite being an Austin resident for the past 5 years, the Trail of Lights is one of those things that I just never got around to doing. It’s been on hiatus for the last two years, but this year the Trail of Lights has made its comeback…and I made it my mission to go. With Brandon in tow, we finally braved the mass of parents and children and made our way to the Austin’s Trail of Lights.


I could hardly contain my excitement.

Walking through the Trail of Lights, and spinning underneath the famous Zilker Tree made me feel like I was reliving my youth. Suddenly I was a five-year-old all over again. Why? There is just something so magical about the beauty that a simple string of lights can create. I was having so much fun looking through all the different light displays, I could have walked on that trail ALL NIGHT!


What it looks like when you're spinning under the tree.

What it looks like when you’re spinning under the tree.

I’m so glad that I finally made it to the Trail of Lights, and even more excited that I got to do it with the boyfriend. Hopefully it’s the first of many years of walking the Trail of Lights together (hint, hint). But until then, I’ll just have to enjoy reliving the memory through all my pictures. Here are just a few of the many:

Austin-"Trail of Lights"-6

austin-"Trail of Lights"-3

Austin-"Trail of Lights"-4

Austin-"Trail of Lights"-2

Oh, and by the way, I hope everyone has a very, Merry Christmas to everyone. May the next few days be spent  enjoying the company of all those that you love.


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