A Halloween Favorite.

Happy Halloween, Ya’ll!

I mentioned this in my last post, but I absolutely love Halloween. It’s always been one of my Top 5 favorite holidays. As a child, I loved decorating the house with fake spider webs, carving silly faces in pumpkins (and roasting the seeds) and picking out my costume for the year. The older I grew, those childhood loves still remained,but I also began to realize another aspect of Halloween that I loved – the giving aspect. It is one of the only holidays where people give because they want to, not because they have to. Nowhere in the origins of Halloween was candy involved, yet every year millions of people buy millions of dollars in candy to hand out to complete strangers – because they want to. It’s the true spirit of giving and fun that makes me love Halloween these days.

In my 20+ years, there is one Halloween tradition that has never changed, and I can’t imagine that it ever will. Every year, I must watch the movie Hocus Pocus. Have you seen it? It’s the Halloween favorite starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as three witch sisters who were brought back to life in Salem, MA on Halloween night. As a child it terrified me (I used to have a strong belief that a witch lived under my bed), but I loved it all the same. As an adult, the movie brings back such nostalgia of my childhood – of dressing up as a witch three years in a row, of watching the movie with my family year after year, of happy Halloween things.

Like every year previous, I spent one October night this year watching my beloved Hocus Pocus. And it was just as good as I had remembered. If you’ve never seen the movie (insert jaw drop here), take a second and watch this preview, then get your butt in the car and go rent it! I cannot stress this enough – you have missed an essential part of Halloween without Hocus Pocus.

Ok, well that trailer doesn’t do the movie justice, but come on – it was 1992! I promise, it’s a gem. Ask anyone. And you know any Disney movie where the term sexy is used as a character descriptor is bound to be a winner. Yes, you heard me – sexy…in a DISNEY movie. Anyway, I digress. Go rent it. Now.

And then, take a look at this:

Maverick Halloween Costume

If an adorable dog dressed in an adorable dinosaur costume doesn’t make you get into the Halloween spirit, then I can’t help you.


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