Austin Lifestyle, Take 3.

Can you guess what time of the month it is? If you guessed time for another issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine, you would have hit the bullseye. And this time, we have BIG news (by we, I mean me) – this month, you’ll find my byline on one of the feature stories! Can you even believe that?! What’s even better is that my feature was on something I love…a little country music.

I spent some time this issue talking with up-and-coming country sensation Granger Smith about his career in the music industry. I’ve always been a fan of country music, but actually getting the opportunity to speak with a musician put the genre in an entirely different light. It’s absolutely amazing to hear about a singer’s inspiration and really get the chance to feel what they feel. Now, I’ll be honest – before writing my story,I had never heard of Granger before. But when I met him, I’m sure glad I did. Not only is Granger a really down-home sweet guy, but he plays some great music. Just check out this video for a sample of Granger’s work (and a small sample of what a kind-hearted person he is):

But Granger wasn’t the only person I was able to meet this issue. I also spoke with Pepe Zevada, owner and founder of Z Tequila, an Austin based Tequila company. If ever you wanted to meet a genuine, hard-working individual who couldn’t be happier doing what he does, Pepe is your guy. I had such a wonderful time talking with him, absolutely LOVED hearing his story, and was pretty sure that we could have kept talking for hours. And the fact that he makes a great brand of tequila is certainly another plus…

If reading these short blurbs about Pepe and Granger don’t make you want to check out their stories in Austin Lifestyle, then I don’t know what will…maybe an incredible interview with Eva Longoria, who is donning this month’s cover? Go ahead, take a look (hint: you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on pages 50-51 and 64-65).

September October Issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine


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