Trailer Food Tuesdays Roll Into Austin – And My Heart.

I’m a big fan of two things – eating and being outside – so when you bring the two together, I am unexplainably happy.  This past Tuesday those two things came together in a big way for Austin’s inaugural Trailer Food Tuesdays.

Trailer Food Tuesdays in Austin

The creative vision of Eric Silverstein (The Peached Tortilla, Yumé Burger), Kristen Stacy (The Seedling Truck, Royal Fig Catering) and Tiffany Harelik (author of Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook), Trailer Food Tuesdays is essentially a gathering of food trucks.  For the next five months, eight to 10 food trucks will gather on the beautiful Long Center plaza on the last Tuesday of each month, bringing food-lovers tons of food samples at extremely affordable prices.  The idea is to have different food trailers present each time so that attendees can get a varied experience at each event, and try new trailers that might not normally park near downtown.

Seeing as how this past Tuesday was the first of the Trailer Food Tuesdays, I had to attend to see what the event was all about.  Imagine my happiness when I walked over to the Long Center, boyfriend and pup in tow, to discover some of my favorite Austin food trailers all in a row, just waiting for me to order.  The most difficult part was deciding which trailer to get first.  Unfortunately, lines were long and despite being 7 pm, the sun was beating down, so Brandon and I opted to go for the shortest line – the Be More Pacific truck, a fusion of Filipino and American cuisine, and a food truck I had not yet tried.

Be More Pacific food trailer Austin

The “short” line at Be More Pacific.

The line may have been short, but the wait certainly was not.  I was expecting a lot after waiting so long, and I must say, Be More Pacific did not disappoint.  I decided on Bacon Fried Rice topped with a fried egg (who doesn’t love that much fry?) and Brandon went for Adobo Chicken – both met our expectations, and made me excited to order more.

After waiting in line, Brandon and I met up with some of my coworkers and explored several of the other food trailers, including Dock & Roll and Coolhaus.  Overall, we had a really enjoyable time, but I noticed that several trailer-goers would disagree, as the heat, long lines, and shortage of food created less-than-ideal conditions for many.  Because it was only the first of many, I hope these issues will be fixed in time for August’s Trailer Food Tuesday. Regardless, we stayed until the event ended, and once the sun went down, sitting on the Long Center lawn, looking at downtown Austin with ice cream sandwiches in hand, was just wonderful (and something that I would not hesitate to repeat on the last Tuesday of the next four months).

Maverick and downtown Austin

A great shot of Maverick with beautiful downtown Austin in the background.

I do look forward to next month, and all the new trailers that will grace the Long Center’s Plaza.  If you have any suggestions of “must-try'” trailers or “can’t-miss” menu options, please let me know so I can be sure to stop by and order.

Trailer Food Tuesdays in Austin

Candice, Brandon and Maverick trying to decide which trailer to order from next.


2 thoughts on “Trailer Food Tuesdays Roll Into Austin – And My Heart.

  1. Austin has such a fantastic food truck thing going – this is only going to make it better. I’ve been a fan of the trucks here in Dallas for a while – I need to take a road trip.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re right, Bill. Austin does have a great food truck thing going, and I love seeing our food truck scene showcased by great events like this and last year’s Gypsy Picnic. You really should make a trip down to Austin, and if you need suggestions, I’d be happy to throw some of my favorite food trucks your way! Thanks for the comment, Bill!

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