My New Stella & Dot Business (and Growing Jewelry Obsession).

I’m sure many of you loyal readers have been wondering why my blog activity has been so light this month, and I think that I owe you an explanation.  I was not abducted by aliens, and I certainly didn’t run off to the circus, although my reason could be equally as unnerving for me (well, […]

A Handwritten Note.

Let’s talk stationary for a little bit.  I know, some of you are thinking, “how boring; it’s just paper”. But seriously, it’s not just paper.  Stationary has always symbolized something so thoughtful to me. You know someone cares if they take the time to write a letter, pay for a stamp and place it in the […]

Trailer Food Tuesdays Roll Into Austin – And My Heart.

I’m a big fan of two things – eating and being outside – so when you bring the two together, I am unexplainably happy.  This past Tuesday those two things came together in a big way for Austin’s inaugural Trailer Food Tuesdays. The creative vision of Eric Silverstein (The Peached Tortilla, Yumé Burger), Kristen Stacy […]