Another Issue of ALM Down.

Have you ever wanted jump back to the prohibition era, and find your way to classic speakeasy, complete with unmarked door and hidden password? What about attend a fitness class build to help you MOVE?  And to all you women, do you have trouble finding that perfect cosmetic line that is as good to the environment as it is to your face?

Prepare yourself, because you can fulfill each of these desires in the latest issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine.  That’s right, my latest stories have finally arrived!  And yes, you read correctly – writing ‘storIES’ was not an error.  I must be moving up in the world, because in this issue I have not one, but THREE stories.  You can check them out for yourself on pages 18  and 85 of the issue below:


Austin LIfestyle Magazine August

What do you think about my stories this month? Let me know in the comments section below, and if you ever have any suggestions for my future stories, throw that in the comments too.


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