Does This Make You Want To Be ‘Up All Night’?

Regardless of how many times I’ve been told that watching TV will rot my mind, I’ve always been a fan of that magic box.  There’s something so relaxing about coming home from a long day, laying in bed and mindlessly flipping through channels.  My drug of choice when it comes to TV shows – reality TV.  If there was a speed dial for TV, mine would be set to Bravo, HGTV and the Food Network. Whenever I do veer away from the reality shows, I tend to favor action/drama series’ like 24 and Dexter.  So it’s uncharacteristic of me that I am so completely and utterly in love with the show Up All Night.

Starring Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph, the show follows a couple as they adjust to their lives as new parents and struggle to balance work, a newborn and their relationship.  I discovered Up All Night a little late, but I’ve quickly gone through the entire first season on Hulu and can’t wait for Season 2 (which premieres Sept. 20)!  Because Up All Night is nothing like the shows I typically watch, I’ve tried to figure out what is it that makes this show so great – I mean, I’m not a parent, so there’s no relevance to me. Yet, I love it anyway and here’s why:

First of, I adore Will Arnett – I find him subtly hilarious and incredibly personable – so any show that includes him deserves to win an Emmy.  Although I think what draws so many viewers to the show each week is that it puts a humorous spin on a time that might not be so funny to many new parents (I doubt anyone likes waking up at all hours of the night to change dirty diapers). And from what I hear from all the mommies in my office, the situations that occur in Up All Night are eerily familiar to their own lives, but with a more entertaining spin.

For those of you who might still be unsure, let me assure you – it’s worth the 30 minutes of your time to at least watch the premiere (the show is produced by SNL’s Lorne Michaels, people, so you know it can’t be that bad).  Or, take a look at this trailer and see the hilarity for yourself:

Have you seen Up All Night? Let me know what you think.


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