Things Discovered While Apartment Hunting.

Recently, my roommate and I have been busy hunting for the perfect new apartment for us to move into.  While our current place is awesome, it’s a little far north from downtown and we both feel a little removed from that Austin that we know and love.  So, we’ve been looking for something more centrally located, within walking distance to the fun stuff (downtown restaurants, shops, lake, etc.).  The problem is, everyone wants to live in that area, making rental prices outrageously expensive. What we really want (a copy cat of our current place), we can’t afford and what we can afford, we don’t really want.  It’s an interesting game that’s making us both a little frantic and a lot confused.  To stay where we are and be far away or to sacrifice a great apartment to have a great location?

While looking at one downtown option, I fell in love with some design aspects of their model room. Specifically, the headboard in the bedroom.  I’ve been looking into DIY headboards for awhile now, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this.  The headboard was almost the size of the wall and it was made out of shipping pallets.  SHIPPING PALLETS!  The apartment owners stained the pallets and hung some art and lighting from them, and voila!, you have an awesomely different headboard.

This headboard had me thinking, if moving downtown means I’ll have a less-nice apartment, why not make it fabulous by doing several DIY home projects (like the aforementioned headboard)?  To me, this sounded like a win-win situation.  So, I got home from my apartment hunt and began researching how to create some kind of shipping pallet headboard.  I wish I could show you my original inspiration, but the apartment’s website doesn’t have pictures.  What I did find on the Internet was this awesome website that listed 70+ projects you could do with shipping pallets and  I wanted to share a few of my favorite ideas here:

Shipping Pallet Headboard

This gives you an idea of what I saw, but imagine an entire wall! (picture originally via Apartment Therapy)

shipping Pallet Table with Glass Top

What a simple, yet unique look for a living room table? (photo via Shelterness)

Shipping Pallet Table

Another idea for a table using pallets, but this one goes double decker, which creates a shelf between the two pallets. (photo via Shelterness)

Shipping Pallet Shelving

What a fantastic way to add more shelving in your home (use it in a bedroom for photos or in the kitchen for spices). Photo via Shabby Roses Cottage Blog

Once my roommate and I settle on an apartment, I can’t wait to start incorporating all these great, new ideas into our space. Plus, with shipping pallets so readily available around town, the costs of this DIY will stay way low.  My only concern is that I’ve heard some pallets are treated with chemicals, so I’ll have to look further into that before bringing anything bad into our apartment.

What do you think of re-using pallets to create furniture? If you have any advice, either on choosing a place or palette DIY, please share!


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