HGTV, You Make Me Want To Decorate.

I think it all started about 2 years ago.  Somehow, I landed on HGTV while watching TV one afternoon, which is a station I would have never normally chosen.  And for some reason, I decided that whatever was on at the time was worth watching. And literally from that point on, I’ve been hooked on HGTV (it’s now one of my 5 regular TV channels).  Since then, my interest in design and home remodel has only grown. I absolutely love being able to watch a transformation from bland to amazing, regardless of the budget.  And HGTV has done a great job of making me believe that even the most novice individual is capable of creating great things inside a home or apartment.

Unfortunately for me, I am far from the point in my life where I’ll be able to redecorate a house. Heck, I can barely afford to live in my apartment! So, until that American dream of homeownership becomes a reality for me, I’m forced to lust after rooms that other people have made spectacular.  Here’s are some of the rooms I’ve seen recently that I love most of all:

Office in a closet from pinterest

I love me a good work space. This one is fun, yet still functional – I certainly wouldn’t mind posting up in there.

Reading Nook from Pinterest

Seriously, if I had a little nook, specifically dedicated to reading, my house would be complete.

bathroom from pinterest

I would feel like such a Queen if I could get ready in this bathroom every morning.

Whenever I’m looking for a little homey inspiration, I turn to these three great sites: Pinterest, Apartment Therapy and Young House Love.  Seriously, if you are ever looking for inspiration or just some good, ole’ DIY tips, these sites are sure to not let you down.

What about you? Do you have redecorating fever or a love for all things design? Tell me in the comments section where you think I should look!


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