Selling Yourself For Charity.

This weekend, I spent my Friday night bidding on my friends.  Yes, you heard me correctly. No, I wasn’t doing something illegal. I was at a bachelor and bachelorette auction, put on by my beloved Team In Training.  As I write this, I’m realizing that in the six months I’ve had this blog, I have yet to write a post about this group (and they definitely deserve it).  Describing this group will have to wait for another day, but basically Team In Training is an organization that trains for endurance events (think triathlons, marathons and century rides) to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Several of my teammates are currently training for an Ironman in Arizona this November, so they held a charity bachelor and bachelorette auction this weekend.

Friday night, I headed over to Fado Irish Pub in downtown Austin with checkbook in hand, ready to shell out some cash for a good cause.  About 15 men and women volunteered to auction themselves and a date package of their choosing to help raise money.  Dates ranged from ziplining to boat rides to fancy dinners and massages – I had a hard time choosing what to bid on, they were all so great!  I went with intent to buy a date and help a good cause, but sadly, left empty-handed.  Despite my good intentions, all the bachelors/bachelorettes went for much more than I could afford (my own roommate received a winning bid of $475!). This may have been bad news for me, but it was great news for the organization – the Ironman team raised over $10,000 from their fundraising efforts!

And even though I didn’t win anything (or anyone), I had such a fantastic evening.  Nothing is better than hanging out with a group of great people that share a similar mission – to make lives better for others.  I hope that the Team In Training Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction becomes an annual thing, but until then let’s relive this year’s with some pictures from the evening.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Team In Training, hold tight for an upcoming post about the organization, or visit their website.


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