Words, Photographs and Competition.

I’ve got a way with words. Be it putting pen to paper or verbally stringing sentences together, I’ve always seemed to have a natural affinity for the art of storytelling.  So it makes sense that I would be drawn to blogging – a hobby that lends itself to weaving the tale of my interests, dreams and opinions.  And maybe it’s just my personal bias, but I feel as if I have the writing part down. Although as every blogger (and avid blog reader knows), there is much more to blogging than words.  Photography plays a large part in blogs (many of my favorite blogs have photos heavily integrated into their design).

I’ve always included photographs in my blog posts, although up to this point, my focus has been on writing compelling content. But to have the kind of blog that I’m working towards, I need pictures that do more than just complement my words – I need pictures that take your breath away. And try as I may, I just haven’t been able to achieve that make-you-gasp-and-drop-your-jaw photo with my iPhone camera. So I’ve decided that it’s time to make an investment in my blog and myself – and I bought a camera. Say hello to my new baby:

The Canon Powershot SX40 HS

My new Canon Powershot SX40 HS.

While still a point-and-shoot camera, the Canon Powershot SX40 provides many of the features of a professional grade DSLR, while still catering to a semi-pro like myself. The low light performance and high-sensitivity Megapixel sensor allow for stunning image quality and the 35x optical zoom makes it possible for me to take even the closest shots with ease. Probably my favorite part about my new Canon is its 2.7-inch multi-angle LCD screen, which will allow me the flexibility to capture any shot regardless of the angle. I can’t wait to take my camera with me everywhere and really learn the art of making art.

This camera purchase really comes at an ideal time, and not just for the expansion of my blogging capabilities.  In order to stay jinx-free, I’ve been keeping this on the hush-hush, but I recently applied to a blogging competition put on by ProBlogger and Tourism Queensland where 10 lucky bloggers can win an all-expenses paid trip to Australia!  Not only has traveling to Australia always been on my bucket list, but the opportunity to spend time with (and learn from) Darren Rowse, one of the web’s premiere bloggers, is an absolutely priceless experience for an up-and-coming blogger like myself.  But I digress. If (or should I think positive thoughts and say when?) I win one of those 10 coveted spots, my new camera and foray into photography will be essential for capturing the beauty of such an amazing country.

The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

I promise every one of you readers that if given the opportunity to go to Australia, my point-and-shoot will bring that country to life on the page.  Readers, it’ll be like you were right there with me, so keep those fingers crossed! But until that day comes (if and when), I’ll be busy building up my skills at home.

Stunning snapshots, here I come!


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