Beer, Bread, and Sausage.

As you all know, I spent all of last week deprived of my beloved carbs.  Seriously, all you Atkins-dieters think that sounds easy, but when your breakfast, lunch and dinner all consists heavily of carbs like mine, going without for a week is asking quite a lot. Nevertheless, I did it, but I was determined to break Passover with a meal so full of carbs that it would be like they never left my life.

Easy Tiger Austin

I have recently been hearing a lot about Easy Tiger, a new bake shop & beer garden in downtown Austin.  One of those alone would have satisfied my craving for carbs, but the combination of the two was unbeatable.  It was decided – I had to make Easy Tiger my “Passover’s over celebration”.  So this past weekend, Molly and I made the trip to 6th St. to try it for ourselves.

First impressions were great.  You walk in and the entire front portion of the restaurant is a bakery, with the accompanying delicious bakery smells.  A walk down some stairs reveals the indoor portion of the restaurant, but it’s Easy Tiger’s patio that gets all the hype, so that is where we headed.  The restaurant is located right along Waller Creek, making it feel as if you’re eating right along the San Antonio Riverwalk.  The boulders that surround the back half of the patio and the lights strung across the sky give the restaurant a secluded, yet cozy feel. We ordered a few beers while taking in the ambiance and looking over the menu.

Beer at Easy Tiger

Molly enjoying a pint of White Rabbit

The menu is small, but I’ll admit that every item on it looked amazing, and it wasn’t just because I was hungry.  It consists of what I would call “German-style bar food” – cheese, soft pretzels, sausage and meats.  Molly decided on a large soft pretzel with their infamous beer cheese (a combination of three different types of cheeses) and some potato salad and I went for a garlic sausage in a pretzel bun. Not only did our food come out within 10 minutes, but it was all so good (which was furthered evidenced by our almost instantly empty plates).  If I wasn’t so full, I would’ve definitely ordered something else, simply so that I could try another menu item.  What’s also great about the menu is that nothing on it is overly expensive. With our food and beers, our total bid didn’t even exceed $30.

Pretzels and sausages at Easy Tiger

Our carb-filled feast.

After our meal, Molly and I headed over to the ping pong tables that Easy Tiger has set up near the creek for a game or two, but all the tables were being used, so after taking a few pictures, we decided to head out.

Easy Tiger on Waller Creek

The winning photo after a 10-minute long photo shoot on Waller Creek outside Easy Tiger.

Overall, this was a great choice on our parts.  It is such a perfect atmosphere if you’re looking for a relaxed place to grab a few drinks with friends or want to enjoy some freshly baked goods.  And the prices can’t be beat.  After experiencing for myself, I definitely understand what all the hype is about. I can’t wait to go back and try even more!

Have you ever been to Easy Tiger? What did you think?


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