Urban American Grill and a Failed Restaurant Week Attempt.

I will use any excuse to go out to eat. So when my friend (and sorority little sister) called to tell me that she would be in town for the weekend, I suggested a hang out over lunch.  Better yet, we decided to call up the sorority family and make a little reunion out of our lunch.  With several members of the group being major foodies, we naturally decided to take advantage of Austin Restaurant Week.  I had a few restaurants that were still on my list to try – TRACE, Restaurant Braise, Urban, Garrido’s – so I threw those names out and we decided on Urban, An American Grill. This afternoon, we all met at the restaurant to enjoy some delicious restaurant week treats, while catching up on old times.

Alpha Epsilon Phi family at Urban An American Grill

Only one small portion of my AEPhi family. From left to right: Elana, Rachel, Jessi and me.

Imagine our surprise when the waitress said that Urban was not participating in Restaurant Week this week.  We were unsure of whether we should find a new lunch locale or stay at Urban despite the disappointing news, but one growl from our hungry stomachs made our decision for us.  So we sat down to look at the regular (though still appetizing) menu.  After another agonizing decision-making process, we all chose our meals – and they ranged from fish tacos to meatloaf sandwiches to chicken and waffles (yep, I went there).  The food came and it looked amazing.  One thing I loved about the restaurant is that all the food is locally sourced, so you know it’s going to be fresh. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that the taste matched the appearance.  My order of chicken and waffles left something to be desired – perhaps it was more waffles to eat with the abundant amount of fried chicken. I didn’t get opinions from the rest of the group, but I don’t think that anyone was blown away with their food choices – they all seemed good, but not great.

Luckily, the company was great.  It’s always nice to get back together with a group that you haven’t seen in months – and it definitely makes for fun (and informative conversations). Regardless of the disappointment in food and my failed attempt at scoring another great restaurant week meal, I had such a wonderful lunch today.  It was great to feel like I was back in college…even if just for an hour.


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