Kicking Off Austin Restaurant Week at Cru Wine Bar.

I mentioned on Monday that Brandon and I made reservations to try Crú Wine Bar during Austin Restaurant Week, so last night, we headed over to the Domain for our mini-date.  I’ve never been to Crú, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I was certainly impressed – by both the ambiance and the food.

As the name suggests, Crú is known for is vast selection of wine. When walking in, I was immediately struck by just how much wine they actually do have in stock.  One wall is completely dedicated to displaying the various bottles and another wall has a built-in wine cooler for storing said bottles.  But Crú doesn’t simply have a lot of wine – they know their wine too, which is a good thing because I don’t and needed the all the help I could get. Our waitress gave some great recommendations for wine pairings, and although I can’t remember the kind of wine I drank (or what region the grapes came from), I remember that it tasted nice – fruity and not too dry.

Once we got the wine situation under control, we turned to the menu.  Because I’ve been looking forward to this dinner for about a week now, I already had my entire three-courses selected – I went with the Pan Seared Crab Cake for my appetizer, the Petite Filet (complete with gorgonzola herb roasted tomatoes and creamed yukon gold potatoes) for my entree and the Molten Lava Cake for dessert. Brandon’s selections looked similar, although he choose the Pan Roasted Chicken Piccata for his main course rather than the filet.

I’m not lying when I say that I inhaled my food – it’s difficult not to when each course tastes better than the last. The crab cake tasted so fresh and the way seafood is supposed to taste and the accompanying remoulade had a hint of spiciness without being overwhelming so.  My filet was cooked perfectly at medium (which is saying a lot considering I’m a former meat-well-done kind of girl) and the gorgonzola herb mix paired wonderfully with the “creamed”  potatoes. Neither Brandon or I could finish our cakes because they were so rich, but the bites that I ate were simply a-ma-zing. As you would expect from a “molten lava” cake, there was a liquid chocolate inside that contains hints of raspberry (a great touch!) that made the dish so decadent. I don’t think I could have asked for a better way to end my meal.

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Great wine. Great food. Great company. My only complaint about the entire night was that the entire meal was pretty lengthy (we had to wait about 15  minutes between courses), but how can I really complain when that just means I get to spend more quality time with my man?  I attribute this wait to the increased number of tickets the kitchen needs to handle during restaurant week – that’s sure to cause a hold-up in even the most efficient restaurant kitchens. But overall, I’d have to say this was a great way to kick-off my Austin Restaurant Week experience.  Now that I know what kind of experience I can expect, it’s only a matter of time before I’m making reservations at my next Restaurant Week participant. Any suggestions before I run out of time?


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