Monday Morning Doldrums.

Mondays are hard.  No matter what I did the previous weekend, it seems that I never got enough sleep, and come Monday, I find myself wishing I had just one more hour to lay in bed.  Unfortunately, that extra hour just doesn’t exist. Lucky for me, it’s hard to have a bad Monday morning (or any morning for that matter) when I have this cutie waiting patiently for my alarm to go off, so he can give me my good morning kiss…

Doggie wake up call

My adorable wake-up call, Maverick.

While my good morning wake up call is short-lived, it’s such an easy way to get a smile on my face, and makes those god-awful Mondays just a bit more bearable.

Are you a Monday person?  What helps you wake up after a long weekend?


Tell me your thoughts

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