Birchbox -Always Worth a Trip to the Mailbox.

Sometime back in late 2011, I came across this wonderfully brilliant idea called Birchbox, which is a beauty company that sends sample products to your door once a month for only $10.  If you look at their website, this is the description they give: “We sort through the clutter to send you only what works and what’s worth the splurge. We created Birchbox because, like you, we love beauty but we don’t want to have to work too hard for it.” When I first found out about the site, I was immediately intrigued, but wasn’t sold on the idea of paying to have beauty samples sent to me each month.  I worried that it just wouldn’t be worth the money and rather than using the samples, they would just sit untouched in my bathroom cabinet and accumulate.  So rather than dive right in myself, I suggested my dad order it for me as a birthday gift.  He obliged and since December, I’ve been receiving my Birchbox package in the mail each month.

I must admit, this has become one of the most exciting pieces of mail I receive every month.  While I’m only three months in to my gift, I’m positive that I will be continuing the subscription once my gift is gone.  Knowing that you will receive a package each month, but having no idea what it contains is just so fun (and it makes the trip to your mailbox well worth it).  Once you begin receiving a monthly Birchbox, you can fill out an online beauty profile, so that the smart folks over at Birchbox can tailor your beauty samples each month.  This is great because it really shows that the company is dedicated to giving each customer a customized beauty experience.  Both me and a coworker receive a box each month and our products are always different.  Birchbox thought every aspect of this idea through, from customer service all the way down to the beautiful packaging that the products come in.

Birchbox packaging

The box that my monthly samples come in. While only cardboard, I just find it so simple and chic.

Upon opening the box, your products are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and beautifully laid out.  It’s as if you are always opening a present – and we all know how much I love presents!  Each Birchbox includes 4-5 beauty samples as well as a sheet detailing each products and its cost.  For someone like me who would like to experiment with different beauty products, but doesn’t want to constantly invest in new products, Birchbox is amazing.  In a few short months, I’ve discovered several new products that I seriously love – from nail polish to eye serum to nighttime facial cream.

My Monthly Birchbox

Opening my Birchbox each month is like unwrapping a present.

My February Birchbox

The contents of my February Birchbox: dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, EYE ROCK Designer Liner, Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum, a heart-shaped nail file and six songs from Green River Ordinance. Not too shabby.

What’s great about Birchbox is that it is much more than just a box – although if it was just a box, I’d still be impressed. Birchbox’s online magazine, The Haute Box, is a way to help users get the most out of the samples they receive each month.  It is filled with video tips, features, editors top picks and trends, giving customers a full beauty experience.  Birchbox also has an online store, where customers can purchase the full size products that they have sampled.  Within the shop, each product has its own “How It Works” page, so you can get expert tips on how best to apply/use your sample.

Because of the high-quality nature of the products Birchbox sends, many of the full-sized versions also have FULL-SIZE prices, if you know what I mean.  If you’re on a budget like me and can’t afford to splurge on beauty products, Birchbox offers their Birchbox Points program.  You can earn Birchbox Points through customer referrals, filling out product surveys and buying products in the Birchbox Shop.  For every 100 points, you receive $10 off on your shop purchase.  The Birchbox Points Program is a fantastic way to ensure you get those products that you covet, without breaking the bank.

Overall, I think Birchbox is amazing! The idea is so unique and something that will appeal to all women.  I, for one, am absolutely obsessed and look forward to receiving my box each month.  And really, it’s only $10 a month, so what’s not to love? If you’re looking for some fun, new beauty tools, I highly recommend testing out Birchbox on a month-to-month basis and see how it can enhance your beauty regimen.

Have you ever tried Birchbox? What did you think?


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