French Toast Makes 15-Miles Well Worth It.

I enjoy working out – there is just something so nice about pushing yourself physically and knowing that each drop of sweat was worth it.  But sometimes, even the most dedicated fitness guru needs a little motivation to push those covers away when the early morning alarm goes off. This weekend I had Jack & Adams Bike Shop and Steiner Ranch Steakhouse to thank for my motivation.

Once a month, local bike shop Jack & Adams teams up with Steiner Ranch Steakhouse to put on the Steiner Ranch Ride.  This ride takes place in the beautiful area of (you guessed it) Steiner Ranch, where riders get leisurely hills and a GORGEOUS view of Lake Travis (that is, when it’s not dried up).  With three rides of varying lengths and skill levels, the Steiner Ranch Ride provides a great opportunity to do something different.  The best part of the ride? When you return, Steiner Ranch Steakhouse provides all cyclists with half off their legendary brunch. What could be better?!

Last time I participated in the ride, I thought I was tough enough to bust out the 30 miler – turns out I was sorely mistaken.  After being lost by the group only 6 miles in and having to GPS my way back to the ranch, I knew I may have set my sights too high (seriously, the only thing that got me through was that half price brunch at the end).  This time, I opted to partake in the more manageable 15-mile route.  Dubbed “the beginner ride”, the 15-miler is led by Jack & Adams staff who make sure that no one is left behind.  While the group did stop more than I would have liked, I found the ride very enjoyable.  The distance was just long enough to make the ride worthwhile and provided enough of a challenge to make me feel accomplished.

While the ride was great, I’d be lying if I said that that was the best part of the morning.  No, the best part of the morning was my delicious brunch.  Since the last time I attended the ride, I’ve been fantasizing about the Stuffed French Toast.  After pushing myself through 15 miles (that was actually closer to 17), I thought it was only fair to reward myself for a job well done with some 3,000 calorie goodness.  So I did it.  And let me tell you, it was worth every calorie:

Steiner Ranch Stuff French Toast

The Stuffed French Toast - 4 pieces of Texas toast stuffed with Mexican vanilla cream cheese, topped with powdered sugar, pecans and fresh berries.

I ordered a side of syrup, but it sat untouched.  The dish was already so flavorful that it didn’t need anything else.  Against my better judgement and my full stomach, I ate the entire plate. I just couldn’t help it – every bite tasted just as good as the bite before it. I’d pay the normal $12.95 price for this sweet morning treat, but my $0 price tag made it simply irresistible.

If you’re ever looking for a high quality meal on the cheap and would like to get a quick workout in at the same time, I wholeheartedly recommend Jack & Adams’ Steiner Ranch Ride.  The next ride is Sunday, February 26, but you can find all the dates on the Jack & Adams website.

I’d like to try out the Steakhouse during a normal business time, in appropriate attire and see what their steaks are like.  I imagine that if brunch is any indication of the level of quality present in the food at that establishment, a steak dinner there would be like a chunk of heaven. Can’t wait!

Post Steiner Ranch Ride

Some post-ride Mimosas with the ladies (try to ignore how disastrous I look. We just went 15 miles!)


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