A Desire For Some Style.

Every time I go shopping (which for me is actually more like browsing because I never actually commit to anything), I am cruelly reminded of my inability to style myself.  I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time putting adorable outfits together that become the envy of every other girl walking down the street.  No, instead I opt for simple jeans and a tank top.  It’s not to say that I don’t like the way I dress, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my laid back look, but there are plenty of times where I wish I would be described as stylish.

Despite my lack of style (or perhaps because of it), I’ve always been intrigued by fashion.  I’m not so much talking about runway fashion because, let’s be honest, who would wear that stuff anyway?  No, I’m talking about the regular, everyday chick style where you can mix and match the cute pieces in your wardrobe to create something fabulous.  A girl who possesses that style skill can use any accessory to completely revamp an outfit.  I see those girls every time I partake in my window shopping festivities and every time, I wish I could learn to be a little more like them.

I dream that one day, I might be brave enough to add some new, very “un-Rachael” pieces to my closet, but until then I thought I would share the clothing items that others seem to pull off effortlessly and leave me wondering, “How does she do that?”

The Fur Vest: For the longest time, I was convinced that I hated fur vests.  I thought they looked tacky and like the wearer was trying too hard.  But, recently, every time I’ve seen one, I find myself commenting on how cute it looks.  The fur vest is such a simple way to dress up a winter look, without appearing too bundled up.  And there are plenty of faux options out there to appease every conscious.

Woman in fur vest

Looking casual and cool.

The Fedora: Ask anyone and they will tell you that I do not look good in hats.  I have a weirdly shaped head.  But, man, do I wish I could pull off the fedora.  It gives any outfit an instantly cool vibe.  Take the picture below as an example.  The girl has created a style that says, “I know I look good in my laid back outfit without looking like I put in any effort at all”.  And seriously, if I could pull off a fedora, just imagine the amount of time saved not having to worry about my hair.

Girl with fedora

Colored Denim: This is the look that I’ve really been thinking about a lot recently, mostly because I think I have the best chance of getting away with the colored denim trend.  Why do I think this is such a cool look?  Well, I love denim jeans – I find them so comfortable and I love that they pretty much go with everything. Colored denim is a simple way to add a pop of color to your pants without going overboard.  The splash of color says, “I’m definitely trying to do something a little different without looking like Lady Gaga.”  The understated look totally works for me and I definitely think that my next purchase might be some burnt orange or teal denim pants.

Teal colored denim jeans

Teal Denim by Seven for All Mankind

Orange Denim by Seven for All Mankind

Orange Denim by Seven for All Mankind









What about you? How would you classify your style? Is there some current trend that you’re really into, but aren’t sure if you can pull off?


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