Love Me Some Sparkle.

I love me something sparkly.  While I’ve never been one to over-do the sparkle and shine, it’s nearly impossible to resist a little glitz in my otherwise unimpressive wardrobe.  Not only do sparkles have the ability to spice up any article of clothing, but they can add an instant touch of fun to even the most drab item.

So it’s no wonder that when I came across this little treasure the other day, my heart lusted after it immediately:

deux lux's Felix Weekender Duffle in peach

The Felix Weekender Duffle

This bag, The Felix Weekender Duffle from Deux Lux, is the perfect duffle for that quick little getaway.  It’s big enough to carry all the essentials for a weekend away, but small enough to carry on a plane with you.  I especially love the subtle touch of sequins on the bottom – it adds flair without being too over-the-top.  And I think it would be safe to say that you’d never have to worry about another passenger accidentally taking your bag because theirs looked similar (although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to walk away with this duffle).

Overall, I see no negative to Deux Lux’s bag. And at only $137 (for a quality weekend bag, mind you), I would even consider this an affordable investment. To order the Felix Weekender, go here.


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