Organization and Me – A Beautiful Pair.

I’m what you would call organizationally inclined, bordering on being a neat freak.  I like things to be neat and orderly – always have and I imagine I always will.  This characteristic of mine especially holds true in my intellectual life and manifested itself at quite an early age.

I was the kid growing up that LOVED school supply shopping.  For me, the buying of beautiful new notebooks and folders was a way to start fresh – a way to get rid of all the cluttered words of last year and start a new school year off right.  As I grew older, this love for school supplies developed into something else – order.  I matured from my brightly decorated and animal printed notebooks and folders to ones that were colored coded by subject and had dividing tabs.  I even began using a planner as a means of life organization. It was great.  I felt so together and let me tell you something, despite being made fun of a time or two, being so organized made my life infinitely more manageable. I could handle class, sports practices and the endless organization meetings without the least bit of stress.

Years later, I’ve graduated from college and entered into the real-world.  While this step signifies the end of my annual school supply shopping, it certainly holds no bearing on my attention to order.  I’m 99% sure that trait is here for good.  Lucky for me, working in PR requires a great deal of togetherness.  At any given time, I’m working on three to five different client accounts and need to be on the top of my game for each one.  How do I manage it all?  Well, there are these great things called to-do lists – I make them daily.  But I also have my old childhood habits still holding strong and I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t believe those were a huge factor in my continued organizational success.  While I may have moved on  from the crazy Lisa Frank school supplies of my early years, I still rely on notebooks and folders to keep me sane.  Only now, I go for ones that are bit more age appropriate (although no less colorful).

Lisa Frank school supplies

Did anyone else insist on filling their backpack with Lisa Frank every year?

A friend of mine who is also organizationally-inclined introduced me to this great website called Poppin.  This is a company that prides itself on selling office supplies that make work fun. Poppin sells all sorts of great office supplies in bright, bold colors. Just browsing the site makes me infinitely more excited about doing work (can you say “nerd”?). While a tad more expensive than a store-bought office supply, the supplies at Poppin are available in colored-coordinated packages and constructed out of quality material, making them worth every penny (I would imagine).  I’m trying to finish up a company notebook, so I’ve yet to actually buy any products from Poppin, but I can’t wait until the day I put in my first order and finally get to assign one notebook per client (all of different colors, of course).

Poppins Prepster Bundle

One of Poppin's numerous packages - The Prepster Bundle (only $25).

It may be weird to some, but I love to stay organized and getting really excited about mundane things like office or school supplies is a great way to keep the organization going.  Being organized just makes my days more productive and I guarantee that I feel much less stress than someone who’s life is cluttered…and who wouldn’t like less stress?


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