Turning My Phone Into A Professional Camera.

In this day and age, it’s pretty much expected that a girl will always have a camera on her, ready to capture that “picture perfect” moment.  I’m not that girl.  I used to own a camera, but it sat in my room untouched.  Finally, I took it on a summer trip to Israel…where I broke it.  That was four years ago, and I’ve yet to replace my camera with a new model.  I find no need.  I can almost guarantee that one of my friends will gladly carry the burdensome camera whenever we go out.

But now that I’m blogging, I’m starting to see the value in well-taken pictures.  My iPhone lens, while good, just doesn’t produce the quality photos that I would hope for in a quality blog such as this :).  So, I began shopping around, looking for a new camera, disappointed at the high prices.  I couldn’t quite convince myself that my new-found hobby was worth such an extravagant cost. With an impending dread that I would never find a camera to meet my needs in a price range I could afford, something caught my “i” – the iPro Lens.

iPro Lens with case

The iPro Lens for the iPhone, courtesy of iprolens.com

The iPro Lens is a special case for your iPhone that includes easily attachable lenses, giving you the opportunity to take professional quality photographs with a camera that you already have.  For me, this is wonderful!  I love the idea that I wouldn’t always have to carry around both my phone and a camera. Instead,  the two can be combined into one SUPER device. The iPro Lens comes with two lenses, a wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens and the case also can double as a tripod mount or a handle.  The best part of the iPro Lens system? It’s only $199 – nearly $100 cheaper than any decent camera I’ve seen.

I’m obviously going to keep shopping around, but this is a strong contender in my camera hunt.  Although, I’d really like to try out the lenses and test the picture quality before I commit to the iPro Lens.  If you’ve ever tried the iPro Lens or own one, please let me know your thoughts.


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