Reality Check: The Top 10 Best Reality Shows.

I have a thing for reality TV.  Some call it an unhealthy obsession, but I like to think of it as more of an enjoyable hobby.  People are quick to tell me how trashy and fake reality TV is and I’ll admit, some of it is (and I even watch a few of the “bad ones”).  But I refuse to allow a few over-the-top shows ruin it for the entire genre.  These shows provide such amazing entertainment value and in a world that has so much negativity, what’s wrong with a little mindless entertainment every now and again (or every night, in my case)?

In an attempt to show all the facets of reality TV and hopefully change a few opinions, I thought I’d share my Top 10 favorites.

10. For Rent – An HGTV wonder, this show takes renters around their city and helps them find a rental that meets all their needs at a price the renter can afford.  It’s rare to find a show about renting (rather than buying) and I love that host Jodi Gilmour teaches viewers how to find a place you love, even if you can’t afford to own.

9. Top Chef – I love food.  And I love food competitions.  Top Chef is one of those shows that makes me believe that anyone can cook – just watching it makes me feel more talented in the kitchen.  The only way to make this show better would be if viewers could taste the food through the TV.

8. So You Think You Can Dance – I have such admiration for anyone who has artistic talent because somehow that gene completely missed me.  I think dancing is an especially beautiful art form and So You Think You Can Dance does an amazing job of showcasing the various types of dance that are out there and gives recognition to an art that is not regularly recognized by the masses.

7. The High Low Project – I have expensive taste, on a entry level budget, so this HGTV show is perfect for me.  Host Sabrina Soto gives home owners their dream room makeover (for an extremely high price) and then shows them how to get that same look for less.  She lets people like me know that looks don’t always need to be sacrificed if a budget is low.

6. Property Brothers – Similar to The High Low Project, The Property Brothers give homeowners their dream look for less.  Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help homeowners find a major fixer-upper and turn it into the ultimate dream home.  In my opinion, this show is the best kind of home show because it combines house hunting with renovation.

5. The Next Iron Chef – The ultimate chef battle.  Need I say more?

4. The Kardashians – A serious guilty pleasure of mine, I love anything Kardashian.  Honestly, I used to be a little embarrassed by this Kardashian thing I had, but now I embrace it.  I’ve never seen a family that is so ridiculous and so wonderful at the same time.  And while I’m a little upset with Kim’s recent marriage uh-oh, I’ll tune in to E! every Sunday anyway…just to see what kind of antics these people can find themselves in next.

3. Tough Love – In this bootcamp for single women, matchmaker Steve Ward shows eight “hopeless” women what they are doing wrong in their search for love.  He gives weekly lessons and then sends the women out on dates in the hope that he can turn their dating failures into fairy tales.  This show is also great because it gives me an opportunity to ensure I’m following all of a guy’s “relationship musts”.

2. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Horrible, I know.  But I love being able to peak into the lives of the rich and “semi-famous” (even if it is scripted).  The women can be laughable, much like the drama they experience, but I can’t seem to get enough.  I’ve spent some time watching The Real Housewives of everything, but this is the only one I can stick with and truly enjoy.

1. The Amazing Race – Hands-down, this is the best reality show on TV.  The Amazing Race is a race around the world in an attempt to win $1 million.  You travel to dozens of countries completing challenges along the way.  Even if you don’t win, the experiences you have along the way are worth way more than $1 million in memories alone.  My dad and I have actually auditioned to be on this show, and it’d be a dream come true if it happened.  I haven’t gotten the phone call yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

You see, they might be silly, but they’re not all bad. So let’s hear it, readers. What do you think of my Top 10?  What would you add or take away?


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