Food, Fun and Longhorn Football.

In the South, college football is something of a religion.  Come Saturday, people of all ages look forward to breaking out the school colors and portable grills and setting up tailgates all over campus.  Saturdays in the fall are some of the best days of the year because of Longhorn football.

UT vs. Texas Tech football

At the UT football game vs. Texas Tech

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to make it down to a tailgate, but I was sure to have a little watching party at my apartment.  My boyfriend, Brandon, and I decided to make a little snack to munch on while watching our beloved Texas Longhorns play the Kansas State Wildcats.  The snack of choice: chips and guacamole.  As I mentioned before, I’ve never been one to make a lot of things in the kitchen (including guacamole).  Brandon, on the other hand, is what I would call a Guac-Pro.  So he spent Saturday afternoon teaching me to make guacamole.

Despite the many ingredients, the process is actually quite simple.  Brandon got this guacamole recipe from a restaurant he used to work at.  If you want some great guacamole recipes to try for yourself, just go here. We diced one tomato, a red onion, a jalapeno, four large avocados and some cilantro.  After dicing all of the ingredients, we mashed them into a bowl, squeezed some lime over the top to ensure that the avocados kept their green color and Voila!, a beautiful dip that I couldn’t wait to taste.

Guacamole Dip

Our completed guacamole dip

All in all, the process took about 10 minutes.  Despite the short prep time, the flavors were INTENSE and delicious!  The jalapeno added just enough spice to make the dip kick.  It tasted even better with a little salsa scooped on top.  We made a lot of guacamole, but by the time the game ended, majority of it has mysteriously disappeared (into our satisfied bellies, perhaps).

First bite of guacamole

Brandon's first bite of our guacamole dip

Sadly, the game ended with a 17-13 Longhorn defeat. Even though the game outcome wasn’t nearly as successful as our guacamole dip, we had a blast watching anyway.  More upsetting is the fact that the game against Kansas State was the last home game of the season, so that means no more tailgates this year.  Although I won’t be able to show off my own guac-making skills this season, I’m already looking forward to next season where I can make my own contributions to our football tailgates.  I just hope that the Longhorns will be as successful next season as me and Brandon’s guacamole dip was this weekend.



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