A Day At The Spa.

What girl (or guy for that matter) doesn’t love a day at the spa?

Well today, courtesy of my wonderful bosses, I had one of the most relaxing afternoons of my life.  Thanks to a little inter-office competition, I won myself an afternoon at the spa for what seemed like a royal treatment.  I’ve had a few spa treatments done in my time, but nothing like the “Silk Road Journey” at Spa Reveil in the Domain.  This spa package was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  The spa tries to take you on a “spa journey around the world”, starting in Morocco with a body exfoliation and seaweed detoxifying wrap.  You then visit Bali for an invigorating scalp massage, followed by a most relaxing body massage.  Your “journey” ends with a stop in Japan for a high quality pedicure.

I had every intention to take copious mental notes so that I could report back every last detail, but instead I was so relaxed that I forgot to think – each stop on the journey felt better than the last.  After a wonderful 2.5 hours, I left feeling rejuvenated and calm – two feelings that have been much desired in these last few weeks.  Spa Reveil is one that I would recommend to anyone looking for a luxury experience.  The amenities are wonderful and the staff is extremely cordial.  My consultant was Katharine and if you ever go to Spa Reveil, REQUEST HER.  She gave me one of the best massages I have ever had in my life, hands down.

It’s truly a great feeling being able to start the weekend already feeling great.  Usually I spend the entire weekend working towards this feeling and never quite make it.  I’ll be excited to see how my day at the spa affects the next few days of my life.  I think this life of spa luxury is one that I could get used to…

The Relaxation Room at Spa Reveil

A picture of the spa's Relaxation Room, courtesy of spareveil.com


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