Learning To Bake Like A Regular Betty Crocker.

I come from a long line of talented self-taught cooks.  My grandmother has successfully created and sold two cookbooks and my dad creates the kind of meals that I can taste in my dreams.  Even my younger brother is establishing a name for himself within our family.  Somehow, this knack for cooking is not one of the traits that I inherited.  Try as I may, I have not found success in the kitchen like the rest of my family.  Yet, I keep going back for another shot.

Today, I tried my hand at baking.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have an insatiable sweet tooth.  I seek out sweet – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So when I found this great mix for a brownie cookie at the grocery store several months ago, I thought it sounded like my kind of wonderful, but have yet to use it because I’m worried I’ll mess it up.  (A mix? You say.  Yes, I’m not at the point where I can create recipes from scratch, but I promise you I’m working on it).

The instructions were quite simple.  First I had to make the brownie batter and layer the bottom of the baking pan with that.

Then, I mixed the cookie dough and put it evenly on top of the brownie mix in small balls.  The entire pan was then placed in the oven at 325° for approximately 43 minutes.

What a long wait that was.  After anxiously pacing in a circle around my kitchen, the timer finally sounded.  I could hardly wait to pull my creation out of the oven and see if I would be able to make Betty Crocker proud, let alone the rest of my family.  My version of the brownie cookie looked exactly like the picture on the box, but I was more concerned how it tasted.

Three brownie cookies later, I had finally come to the conclusion that my attempt at baking worked.  The “mmmms” coming from my roommate’s mouth seconded that opinion.  I was thrilled – my first foray into the baking world was a success!

I think it’s been well established that I will never have a best-selling cookbook or even have close to the talent that my dad has in the kitchen, but this baking attempt has given me hope that I can one day at least hold my own in the family.  And I promise to keep working on my skills (as well as sharing my attempts) until that day comes.


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