Puppy Love At First Sight.

I have many loves in my life, but none as important as one.  Not only does he greet me every day after work with a big kiss, he cuddles with me every night too.  He may be a little furrier than most, but his handsome appearance and affable persona more than make up for the shedding.  I’m talking, of course, of a four-legged, little guy named Maverick.

Maverick, a Husky-Lab mix

He's always ready for the camera

Although technically my boyfriend’s dog, but I love Maverick as if he were my own child…and to be honest, sometimes he acts like it.  I’ve never in my life been around a dog that thinks he is as human as Maverick does.

Maverick likes to eat only when we’re eating.  He likes to sleep with his head on a pillow and his body under the covers.  When someone says, “Nice to meet you, Maverick”, he knows that the polite thing to do is to shake their hand.  You’ll even find him having a conversation every now and again (although, he can be very difficult to understand sometimes…or to reason with for that matter).  As human as Maverick may think he is, there are plenty of times when he lets the dog in him out.  Case in point:

Much to the dismay of my other dog, Maverick is an easy pick for the list of my Top 5 Loves.  But depending on what day you ask me, there’s a chance you’ll find him on my Top 5 Hate list, too.  Either way, he is truly a one-of-a-kind dog and always wins me over in the end.  I imagine Maverick and his antics will be making numerous appearances in my blog, so I figured it’s important to introduce him early.

Maverick wearing sunglasses

Rockin' the shades better than me.

It’s ok to admit that you have already fallen for his boyish charm.  I promise no one will tell your dog…


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