Hello Blogosphere, I Have Arrived.

They say you need to have a niche to be noticed.  You need to say something different and say it better than the person before you.  Well in my opinion, “they” are not 100% correct. Perhaps niche writing is the way to go if it’s fame and fortune that you seek. But is a niche really necessary if you just want to write?  Just want a place to put the figurative pen to paper and let those creative thoughts roll?  I say no.

My name is Rachael. I love to write. I want a blog. No, I don’t have a niche…unless you count my own life (and all that entails) a niche.  Two out of three requirements works for me.  And so, “For The Love Of” came into creation.

For The Love Of is probably not a blog where you will learn about all the most recent trends and it probably won’t be the place you find that one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving recipe, but it lets me write, it lets me ramble, and it lets me love. What more could you want? Through this blog, I’d like to express myself through the written word, explore my passions (whether they be in cooking, interior design or reality TV) and push my own creative boundaries past where I ever thought possible.  If I gain a few followers along the way, that’s great.  But then again, that’s not what this blog is about.  It’s for me, for my interests and for the love of blog…


Tell me your thoughts

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